Here is some of the lovely feedback we've been receiving. If you would like to share your Karinya Montessori story please email us.


“My child could not settle at other centres, I tried many in the area! Then I was told about Karinya and now my child jumps out of bed and asks if he is going to school! I think that fact they came to do a home visit was great as they really helped my little guy feel relaxed about the whole home- school connection- thanks you are amazing!”     


“The leaderships and management are dedicated and organized. The best leadership I have encountered in a child/care Kindy organisation and this filters down to staff and children.”


 “All staff genuinely care for all children and make each individual feel special.”


“I like the way staff are always passionate about their jobs, and share my child’s learning of the day.”

“It is sooooo relaxed and peaceful in the classrooms, I wanted to know why, so I went and spent a day in the classroom and it is because children are engaged and doing in purposeful and meaningful tasks.”


“I have never seen staff raise their voice at the kids, it’s good that things are explained to the kids- e.g. why not to do things.”

“My child is gifted and the Karinya Montessori environment really supports and challenges them.”  


“We are very impressed by the equipment used! We are very happy with our child’s learning journey to date.” 


“Great to feel included in my sons education and wellbeing! Thanks.”